Fetherson's T-Shirts - Our Designer God First Always Creative Designs
These symbols represents the Twelve Tribes of God as a group. As Individuals they represents:  1. The man bearing the Cross represent: JESUS CHRIST. 2. The Two Angels represent: Michael & Gabriel The Archangels. 3. The Seven Doves, as a group, represents Complete Peace. 4. As individuals, they represents: The Seven Spirits of God andThe Seven Eyes of God. 5. See Picture Below. 6. The word PEACE. 7. The signature of GREGORY FETHERSON, making the picture complete. 
The 12 symbols will be found in every picture, making that picture complete. Each symbol was earned from fighting spiritual battles. These symbols were chosen by God and they're placed in every picture, with His approval. This means that, every picture is anointed by God and each picture represents my testimony of Spiritual Battles, that was fought & won against the devil.