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Life On Earth:  You're Either Rough Riding Life On A Train or A Smooth Flying Life On A Airplane.
Riding Life On A Train: If your life is going up & down and back & forth and looks like you can't see no end to your troubles; than you're probably riding that fast train leading to nowhere with the Devil. If you're on this train, than the devil has blinders on your eyes, so you can't see to the left or right. You can't see because you're going to fast and going fast you're unable to think straight.
The Devil's job is to keep you confused and a confused individual can not function properly. The ride is rough and bumpy; to the driver (Satan) he don't care if you're comfortable or not. He's on a mission and his mission is to lead as many souls to hell, that he can. There's hope along with your rough ride, Christ is the Conductor. All you have to do is ask Christ, for a transfer before the train crash. But, the only way Christ can get on the train; will be your wiliness to open the door and let him in.
Reverend Gregory Fetherson
                 Christ Is The Door To All Life
A Smooth Flying Life On A Airplane:
A plane ride is smooth and with little or no bumps; there maybe some turbulence, which God uses to test you, just to keep you honest and focus. While on a airplane you can see all around you, to include up, down, left & right with no blinders on. On this plane you can see the world, as it is seen by God.
 On this plane, you are taught not to love the world, nor things in this world. God is the pilot and he's in complete control, your help is not needed. All that's required of you, will be for you to maintain your focus on God. Also, you're required to put all of your trust in your pilot (God), who will lead you and guide you throughout your life.
A plane ride is so smooth, that you can't hardly tell you're moving. When you completely let go of the world and yourself, than your ride would be just as smooth.  If you haven't denied yourself or this world, than you're still roughing it out, on that fast train going nowhere.
Reverend Gregory Fetherson
Life Begins At The Cross