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Soldier to soldier represents all the individuals who served or still serving in The Armed Forces and has given their lives over to Christ and now is a proud soldier for Christ. They also represents all of Christ's soldiers, now serving in Christ's Army proudly. There's Nothing to big for God and yourself. Your faith has brought you this far, now let Christ bring you the rest of the way. Pat yourself on the shoulders, because you deserve nothing but the Best!!! If the world doesn't recognize you, as the True Professional that you are; then you can rest assure, that God does recognize your performance & and He will reward you openly in front of your enemies.
He truly does love you, with all of His heart.
Thanks For A Job Well Done!
Matthew 24: 6, 7 & 8
6  And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7  For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8  All these are the beginning of sorrows.
Look Around And You'll See These Three Scriptures Listed Above, Coming To Pass, As You Read!!!
Please Read  Story Written Below:
Once we have given our lives over to Christ, we than become babies in Christ. We also, will become Soldiers In Christ's Army. There's nothing like going from a highly trained Soldier, Airman, Sailor & Marine, to becoming a Soldier For Christ. God will take your military training and combine it with His Spiritual Training and hopefully you'll become one of His Chosen Warriors. You got to have a burning desire to want to be a warrior for God and He will show you things & do things for you and through you, that you thought were impossible. With man things are impossible, but with Christ all things are possible, as long as you Keep The Faith. A true warrior for God, shall be chosen by Christ and only a few shall be chosen. God can take down mountains & giants with just a few warriors.
Everybody that's in Christ's Army, shall fight battles, whether they're your battles or someone else's battles. But everyone will not be able to go behind the scenes and experience the Spiritual Rim with a spiritual eye. Only the Few Chosen shall be able to see within the spiritual rim and what a sight too see. You are what are in the spiritual rim and nobody wears a mask. Demons are shown to be exactly what they are within the spiritual rim, which is monsters. With constant discipline and staying focus on Christ at all times, we shall grow and become little children of Christ.
Everybody wants to start at the top, but walking with Christ means, He will carry you, because you're unable to walk. You can't walk the talk, if you don't learn to crawl first. Everybody that comes to Christ, must come as a baby. If you don't come as a baby, than Christ will not hear you. Then you may wonder if Christ is really real, just because you don't get a response, doesn't mean Christ isn't real. If this world exist, it's only because of Christ. Without Christ in our lives, we're just dirt, that'll soon return from which it came from, which is the ground from the earth.
The more you give ie..., your time, daily devotions to God, Constant reading & praying on a daily, the more wisdom you'll receive from above.  Christ wants to teach you everything that you'll need; in order to survive in these troublesome times. Act as if you no nothing and you shall be feed with God's wisdom. This means doing as you're told by the Holy Spirit and you shall receive his wisdom in an abundance.
Babies will only be fed milk and not strong meat, because he will get choked. You'll only be fed small portions, until you can handle more. Never get ahead of God and you want get left behind. Just like being in the military, if you get ahead of your unit, you get left fighting & defending for yourself.
At the beginning of your journey with Christ, a lot of things you may not understand, simply because you're not ready for it. You'll get the understanding at a later date; either by way of your experiences & trials, or by further reading of the word. God hasn't created babies that can walk from birth and if they can walk from birth, they're man made. Anything that's man made, is just that, man made and not God created. Receive all instructions from Our Heavenly Father, which is in heaven.
Remember: You got to lay on your back and be fed milk and than after some table feeding, you may then hope to crawl. And if you're hungry enough; you may get a chance to walk.  Your food will consist of reading the word of God, Praying and Receiving Your Guidance Along With Your Directions from The Holy Spirit.
A combat ready soldier for Christ, doesn't come over night, even if he did, what would they learn? Nothing! All training and  experiences will be based upon real life situations and not something you read only. You have to be prepared by Christ to fight any battle, and there will be plenty to fight, count on it! An effective soldier will always prepare themselves with the daily reading of the word of God and constant praying without ceasing. Your Strength comes from the Lord and by reading the word daily; you shall become stronger in the Lord.
Remember: The Word Is God And God Is The Word. By Reading The Word, God Will Be Talking To You And You Should Be Listening More, By Reading More Of The Word. Praying & Reading The Word Daily, Gives You That Balance, That You're Looking For With God.
Remember: Developing A Personal Relationship With God, Is Far More Important, Than Life Itself! You Can't Have Life Without God And Life Can Not Exist By Itself!
 A True soldier of Christ, doesn't look for excuses of why he can't perform his duties as a soldier of Christ. He'll just get the job done, at all cost and he will not be looking for a reward. The completed task at hand, is all the reward, he'll be looking for. Christ's soldier wants to fight battles, because Christ has prepared them and has given them the necessary tools to preform the task at hand. Faith in Christ wins all battles fought and going to be fought. Keep The Faith!!!
As a soldier of Christ, your battles will consist of the daily things that happen in and around your life. Fight All Battles With The Word Of God!  Always beware of your surroundings, because you'll never no when you're talking to the devil. And he will be present and uninvited of course, with the soul purpose of discouraging you from the truth, which is God. The devil doesn't mind if you read the word, he just don't want you to get a understanding of the word. Your understanding of the word, will come from the Holy Spirit; which he shall teach and show you all things.
Fact: The Holy Spirit dwells within ourselves, this way, we don't have to look for him in a building. If the building burns down to the ground, where will the Holy Spirit Be?  Within Ourselves! The Holy Spirit is everywhere you go, simply because the Spirit dwells withn you; therefore you're never along!!!
Becoming a soldier for Christ sakes, means denying yourself and giving up on the world, which you so love. Reality will kick in when you truly start to deny yourself, just watch how God perform miracles in your life. If you have not denied yourself, than don't expect nothing in return from God.
A good soldier will always look in the mirror and observe what they may see or may not see and make that change. And if you can still see yourself, than keep on denying yourself again and  again. Self is of the devil, because the devil is selfish and greedy and he wants everything for himself. Knowing this, it should help you to deny yourself and trust God more, because no one wants to be labeled as an selfish greedy individual.
A good soldier is always prepared, to receive orders and his battle plans given by God, in order to perform his mission at hand. God will always prepare you for your given missions, if you think that you're not on a mission, than you've been tricked. The very day Christ chose you, your life has been on a mission, you just hasn't recognized the task at hand. Get out of self and get into Christ and you truly shall see the world as it really is. A mess!!!
Christ's Soldiers are discipline and always striving & willing to be better than the average. After all, who wants to be average, because Christ is First, than so shall we be first in everything we do. If we put Christ First, in everything we do, then we can't expect but, to come in first. Settling for less is not what God has in mind for his children.
We're suppose to strive for the heavens and reach for the stars and blessings from above, shall be upon us.
You Can Do All Things Through Christ, But You Can't Do Nothing By Yourself!
It's Not About You Or Me, But Instead, It's All About God!!!
 To God, Be The Glory And May God's Peace Be With You Always!!!
Retired Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army 
Reverend Gregory Fetherson
Kenny G
Midnight Motions
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