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The Puzzles Of Life
Picture your life as a thousand piece puzzle and you're just one piece and there's nine hundred and ninety-nine others pieces working on your behalf. When you pray, your prayers goes up to heavenly places and the Holy Spirit works through varies people to answer your prayer. Each piece of the puzzle, plays a particular part in your life. Each person's heart has to be touched and some hearts are easier then others, but they all have a part. Prayers are not answered in accordance to your will, but instead in accordance to God's will. What may sound and look good, may not necessarily be good for you. Everything that happens in your life, is a piece of the puzzle. If you let God Lead you and Guide you throughout your life, than the thousand piece puzzle becomes one piece. 
Being complete in God's eyes, is what we live for.  Certain things that will have to happen in your life, in order for you to be complete. Things such as, suffering, trials, tribulations, humiliation are all parts of the puzzle. These same things happen to Christ and Jesus said that they'll happen to us also. Good things and bad things are all part of the puzzle, so be thankful to God for everything. When tragedies happens in our lives, we need to look at these tragedies and know that something good will come out this misfortune. Looking at the bad things in our lives and we can realize that, God turns the bad into good. The puzzle doesn't contain all good news, but it also contains bad as well. Trials are placed in our lives to make us stronger and wiser Christians, also to build our characters in Christ. By suffering through the bad times and enjoying the good times, we can & will appreciate life better.
Every person that comes into our lives, plays a significant roll and is a unique part of the puzzle. Life itself is a puzzle, you just have to remember, which piece of the puzzle you are. God will give us everything we need in life, to make our journey as safe and care freeing as possible. Reading the Word of God and Praying will give you comfort during your troubles. Reading & Praying goes hand and hand with God, because it gives you a balanced life with God. In other words, know where your strength comes from, because there's strength in the word of God. 
The most important piece of the puzzle is Jesus Christ, because he's the center piece of all puzzles. Keep your focus on Christ and watch how smoothly the puzzle come together. The complete puzzle consist of people, places, and things, which all plays a particular part in our lives. Patience, Faith and Hope in Jesus Christ will enable you to have peace within yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest.
Remember:Things don't happen over night, that's why patience is extremely important, while waiting on Christ, to put the puzzle together. During the process of completing the puzzle, your Faith will be Tried & Tested. If God said it, than rest of assure that it'll come to past. Christ is with us, no matter what we're going through, rather good or bad he's with us always, if you believe.
Put all of your trust and faith in Jesus Christ and believe in him with all of your heart, your mind, your body and your soul and his peace shall be with you always. The key to the puzzle is to seek Christ, for any and all things, because through Christ all things are possible. I always believe that, what I haven't tried, is what I can't do, because through Jesus Christ I can do all things.  You never know what you can't do, until you at least tried do it.
Reverend Gregory Fetherson