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Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7.
She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her. Proverbs 3:18
 Wisdom that's from above is first
 peaceable and easy to be entreated. Seek Wisdom as if she was a hidden treasure, search for her as if she was gold. Wisdom comes with a price and that is giving up the world, because wisdom comes from Heavenly Places and the world and Heaven disagree with each other. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. To fear the Lord is to Love Him and Respect His will. To obtain wisdom you must first give your life over to Jesus Christ, than letting the world go. Because holding onto the world will put limits on your knowledge & understanding from God. Our Heavenly Father will only give what you give. Give a lot and you shall receive a lot in return, but you'll be going through some things, such as, suffering, humiliation, trials & tribulations, because much is given, than in return much is required of you.
                                                  4. WITHIN
Wisdom starts from within yourself and within is where you'll find God. He's not in the building, but yet he's within yourself; you just have to recognize where your help comes from. The things which we suffer for and the things we go through, are there to teach us a lesson. What you're going through,  will  make you stronger in the Lord, also to build your faith to point where, you can say to a mountain, move and the mountain shall move. To obtain wisdom you must first believe it exist. The hardest part about obtaining wisdom, is realizing what are you willing to give up? Giving up on the world will be a struggle, but their's nothing to hard for God & yourself. Denying yourself can and will be a challenge, just remember being selfish is of the devil. It's not about you but instead, It's All About God.
The best way to deny yourself, is to look into the mirror and say to yourself , self you have lied to me and I will no longer be listening to you. Instead I'll be listening to The Holy Spirit that dwells within myself. Maintaining a Balanced life with God, will require an individual to read the word of God and Praying on a daily basis. Because when you're praying, you're talking to God and when you're reading the word, God is talking to you.  So you need to listen more, by reading more. 
Where you're at in life, all depends on where God is in your life.  If you're not putting God First in everything you do, than you're missing out on some of God's greatest pleasures of life.  God wants to lead you and guide you throughout your life, but you have to be willing. Nobody can make you do nothing, you don't want to do; that's why God gave us free will. Free will was given so we can make our own choices in life. Remembering that the very choices we make here on earth, will affect us when we leave here. Because, what you sew here on earth, you shall reap it either in Heavenly Places or in Eternal damnation.
 Everybody knows the difference between good and evil and if you choose the good you shall be rewarded and if you choose the evil, you shall suffer. We shall all suffer, but how long depends on God and how quickly you learn your lesson. The question is not to ask God, why we're going through what we're going through, but to ask God what will I learn from this? Because we all, will be going through some trials & tribulations, whether we like it or not. Trials & Tribulations are here to build our characters in Christ and to make us a stronger Christian. We need to depend on God more than, we need to depend on man and ourselves, because ourselves and man has gotten us into the mess we're in now.
                                                  2. LIGHT
Remember the one who created the ear, you think he does not hear and the one who created the eye, you think he does not see what you're doing. God sees and hears everything we do, and how is that, it's simple, God lives inside of us. So what you see, he sees also and what you hear, he hears also. So you're never along, because you always have God with you. God is a Spirit and those who worship him, must worship him in Spirit and Truth. The Spirit sees and hears everything and than report it all to God, so beware of what you say or do.
Remember: Put God First Always In Everything You Do And You Will Be Wise To This World And You Will Know, Not To Do As The World Does.  And God's Peace Shall Be With You Always & Eternity!
                                1. GODFIRSTALWAYS